Our go to Page Speed Optimization Plugin: WP Rocket

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It became clear and apparent from an early stage of offering commercial website solutions, that page speed and time of load were going to be consistent and ongoing tasks that would always be needed.

Page speed is a crucial SEO ranking signal, and an absolutely crucial component of providing a good user experience.

Five years ago I set out to systematize the way in which Paradox Marketing would approach WordPress page speed optimization, and we landed squarely on one important decision…

WP Rocket would be added to our ‘ideal stack’ of WordPress plugins.

This Does Not Mean This One Plugin is Our Be All and End All

If a competitor comes out that can match the value proposition and capability of WP Rocket, then we will be all over it. At the end of the day it is about results and return on investment.

That said, we do actively trial any of the new contenders and there are some other great options out there. None that we would use, but ones which if they are already firmly baked into a site’s construction then we are not concerned enough to actively uninstall the existing caching system.

There are plenty of other contenders out there however who will end up on our asana board with a task to remove. You probably have heard of some of these, and they may be ones which seemed legit… but we have our experience, testing and reasons behind every recommendation that we make.

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