Have us manage your wordPress

We can oversee every component of your WordPress website. From your server infrastructure and DNS right through to your theme. Each month we will audit, and find the most crucial maintenance or upgrades possible. At the same time, we are there to assist with any requests you throw our way. 

We Manage Every component

We manage your dns & Hosting

Using all of your accounts, you can invite us to help manage all of your DNS and server related needs. We will help you select the best infrastructure for your needs, and make sure your technology is all working together.

we complete your requests

Need some new landing pages? or a pop up for a special campaign? You will always have a team ready to move quick when you are with us.

We Manage Your wordpress

Backups, plugin updates, security patches, we will take full responsibility of making sure everything about your WordPress is running as smooth as possible.

we keep ourselves busy

Whether it is the never ending quest for speed optimization, or simply keeping your site well optimized for SEO, we will audit and build a triage list so that your site is always improving.

Plans For everyone

We aim to have a package that is just right for every website, regardless of how large or small. 


Per month


Per month


Per month

Have Larger Needs for Your WordPress site? Lets book a call.

We are proud members of the Cloudways Agency Partnership Program, meaning your managed servers with us have an even higher degree of security and trust. 

Frequently asked questions

This is the simplest way to make sure you are always getting the correct amount of work completed. Many monthly management companies operate on what is termed ‘the insurance model’ in which they bank on people no making any requests, and therefore collecting their ‘management fees’ without actually doing any work. 

We limit the number of open requests, to try and prevent a very common problem for growing websites.

This problem is a long slew of unfinished projects, so many new ideas started, but never any finished. 

On a small budget, it is very easy to end up with many threads open, but very little progress. 

For those who do not request much, we move into a self directed audit approach. We will crawl your site, and try to find places which can be improved upon. 

Between this audit and fix approach, the frequent updates required to keep WordPress healthy and safe, we are confident there is always a useful way for us to spend our time for you. 

Many of the issues we detect will be prioritized according to their impact on SEO. We will be covering all the technical and structural requirements for SEO. This service however will not be enough to rank a website in and of itself, as SEO also requires ongoing content creation and link building, plus more. 

Page speed optimization is a core and central component of any website management retainer with us.