Font Wars – A Battle for the Perfect Font

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lets talk about font baby

When was the last time that you paid good hard attention to a font?

I bet it was a while ago… not many people seem to care any more

But those who do care, really really care!!

Welcome to what I like to call the Font Wars

These little microcosms can spread through an organisation like wildfire, creating a complete deadlock on a marketing campaign.

When one person really cares about font, then there is no problem.

When two people who care about font can agree on a font, then this is a really solid sign that the font should be used.

Font wars however, are when two people who are picky about fonts come to a disagreement.

In an ideal world, they settle it with science. By testing which font resonates better with the appropriate target group.

What Font is Right For Your Website is Something Which Can Be Measured

All you would need to do is split test the font, on assets which are otherwise identical.

Build the exact same web page, the same design, the same content, and use font A

Then duplicate that page, and change it to font B.

Here you have your control group.

Run 50% of your traffic to the page with Font A and 50% to the page which has font B.

Track which font converts better for YOUR AUDIENCE

Every audience is unique, and some fonts may work better for yours.

Just make sure you use statistically significant test data to inform your decisions.

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